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Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a medical paradigm for taking care of the whole body. Although acute disease, like a cold, is likely due to 1 cause, chronic disease often evolves over years and is due to several underlying issues. Exploring ways to optimize health to allow the body to function to its best capacity is the goal of functional medicine, hopefully delaying or avoiding potential health issues as a result.

Medical Acupuncture

Medical acupuncture has been studied for thousands of years.  Under modern Western medicine study, the science behind the effectiveness of acupuncture is being discovered. There are multiple conditions with good results with medical acupuncture, and this is now recognized as an indicated treatment for many conditions.

Genetic Risk Assessment for Cancer

Genes carry the information for your body to grow and function to the best of its ability. Small changes in genes can affect how well the person is able to absorb vitamins, process drugs, or avoid disease. Genetic profiles can be reviewed to discover how to optimize health and well-being. In addition, certain diseases known to run in families, such as cancer, may have a genetic basis. If there is an indication of increased risk for cancer, specific genetic profiles can be run to see if preventative measures are possible to avoid or reduce the risk of cancer.

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