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I am board certified in radiation oncology, integrative medicine, and medical acupuncture. If you have questions about the possible role of integrative therapies in your care, please feel free to ask. I will give you guidance as to what may be reasonable to try and what might actually be harmful. By letting me know what you’re doing, we can be a better team to make your health as good as we can. I have trained in integrative medicine and acupuncture to offer help that may be different from “standard medicine” or to help where that approach has not been able to offer help yet.


I was raised in North Carolina but moved to Texas (the Sherman area) in 1996. I moved to Nacogdoches in 2015, and am very excited to be here. I have a daughter at UTSW medical school and a son at Texas Tech University medical school in Lubbock, who are wonderful (of course J). I enjoy kayaking, scuba diving, and quiet time in nature. I also play with stained glass and fused glass when I can.

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